Roofing Services

Ronald G Graham Roofing & Building cover all aspects of roofing services. From small or minor roof repairs to new roofing installations, our expert roofers are fully trained and very highly skilled roof technicians with decades of experience in the roofing and building industry.

Traditional Slating & Tiling

The variety in roof structure and building design all benefit from the many different types of slates and tiles available, which can enhance the beauty of the building. Natural slate is an attractive hard wearing material, which has withstood the test of time. In some cases natural slates have lasted for over a century.

We specialise in all types of roofing slating and tiling including: Scotch, Ballachulish, Welsh, West Moreland, Green Peggies, Burlington, Port Madoc, Norwegian Rogues, Spanish, Chinese and many more.

Flat Roofing

Keeping your roof in a good state is essential. Substandard workmanship and cheap roofing materials can cause premature failure, and lead to expensive emergency roof repairs. When we perform maintenance on your roof we only use better quality materials with your budget. We always take the utmost care to provide the highest standard of craftsmanship, whether it’s just a little patching up or complete replacement of the felt.

Single Ply Systems

We have an expert team that have been specially trained in the installation of single ply roofing systems. We use the highest quality roofing membranes, accessories, fixings and adhesives to apply a completely waterproof, durable and long lasting roof that is almost maintenance free.

Liquid Coating Systems

This high-performance product can be used as a coating in conjunction with Garland’s GarMat fabric to provide additional reinforcement. It also provides added UV protection and extra waterproofing protection. White-Knight can be used to coat the entire roof or as a repair material for maintenance applications.

Copper & Zinc Work

Zinc Roofing has become very popular in the last ten years. Architects have commented how well the material blends with wood, concrete, stone, while providing a contrast with the plethora or glazing finishes available. Zinc materials are easily recyclable long lasting and environmentally friendly. Zinc has now become a very popular option for the roofing of flat roof extensions.

Lead Work

We provide a variety of domestic roof lead work solutions and are proud to work with the best lead plumbers in Edinburgh. All our lead work is fitted in accordance with the Lead Development Association, so you can relax, knowing you are in safe hands.

Refurbishment & Restoration

We have a cost effective program that not only transforms the look of your existing roof, but protects it from the growth of mosses and the elements of weather attack.

We protect roofs against the growth and further attack off mosses and lichen. As roof tiles weather and age they loosen the weatherproof protection and become porous. Over a period of time the effects of rain, wind, snow, frost and all other weather elements begin to damage the tiles and structural cement work that holds the roof together.


We specialise in all forms of cast iron guttering, ornamental guttering and bespoke radius guttering. We supply and install all profiles and fascias of uPVC and plastic gutters, all associated fixings and drainage pipes.

Statutory Notice Work

Here at Ronald G Graham Roofing & Building, we are happy to advise, quote and report on any statutory notice or common repair outline your communal building has been issued with. We have a lot of experience of statutory notice work and fully understand the delicacy required in dealing with them because more often than not the tenants of the building in question are unable to reach an agreement whether it be a dispute over price, selected contractor or question of works necessary.

Examples of Roofing Work

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